How to install the Clkim WordPress ShareBox

The Clkim ShareBox is a leading solution for WordPress bloggers that integrates the Clkim link shortener with easy to use social share buttons. This tool allows WP websites to place a sharing box so that the visitors can easily post their articles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Reddit, WhatsApp and more.

To get started, go to 'Resources' and click on 'Integration Tools'.

After clicking on 'Integration Tools', you will get to your Integration Tools page.

Hover your mouse over the 'Clkim Sharebox' and click on 'MORE INFO'.

This is the Clkim WordPress ShareBox page. Take some time to learn more about this tool. It’s one of Clkim's most requested features as it allows WordPress bloggers to increase the number of times their content is shared.

Follow the instructions to integrate it into your website.


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