How to shorten a URL

There is a Shorten New URL button on the top right-hand corner of your screen.

1) Click on it to create a new short URL. 

2) Now you need to insert your destination URL (web address). You can insert or Copy/Paste the web address  in the space provided under the label Destination URL. Click on Shorten to complete the process.

Once you’ve clicked on the Shorten button you have a short URL.

Now that the link is shortened, you can copy it and use it on any platform, or share it directly on Facebook or Twitter via the Clkim dashboard.

1) First go to your ALL URLS table and click on Action. One of the options is Share.


2) After you click on Share, you will have the option to share it directly to a number of social platforms using the 1-click buttons.

3) Choose which platform you want to share the link on and it will automatically be posted there.

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