How to Customize a URL

Once you’ve shortened your URL you have the option to customize it by clicking on the Customize button on the bottom right.

After clicking on Customize, you’ll land on your URL Setting page.

You can customize the alias of the link so that it accurately reflects the content of the page.Try filling in a word that is related to the content of the destination (ex: "sale", "offer", "dogs", etc.). In this way the link will look more presentable (ex: "").

Always remember to click on Save Changes in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Changing the Alias is a great way to make your link more attractive and personal.  Always try to use an Alias that is related to the content of the page that you're sending traffic to.

Do it every time you need to share a link and you’ll see how your traffic grows.

After you click on the Save Changes button your link is ready to share with the world!

In order to share your new customized link, click on the Share URL button:

The 1-click sharing buttons are a great way to generate smart traffic.

You can always check the results of the customized link to see how it’s impacted your traffic. Whenever you want to see detailed traffic reports, you can access the URL Stats page below (under the QR code and above the Share URL button):

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