How to navigate your Dashboard

Every time you login to your Clkim account, the dashboard is the first thing you'll see. It's important to become familiar with it and the analytics it offers.

The dashboard is divided into a number of categories.

A) Clicks

This section presents the amount of daily and overall traffic your shortened links have delivered.


'URLs Today' shows you how many new links you’ve shortened today.

'Total URLS' shows you how many total links you’ve shortened.

C) Monthly Stats

Monthly Stats you'll find 'Clicks', 'URLs' and 'Impact' stats. Clicking on the first two will show you a detailed monthly report.

The Impact measures the overall effectiveness of your links using a unique formula that we've developed. 

D) Regional Stats

Regional Stats is an interactive map that provides you with valuable information regarding your traffic sources and top countries viewing your content.

Hovering your mouse over the map allows you to see detailed results.

E) Insights

The Insights section shows important demographic segments.

Clicking on 'Actions' allow you to switch between stats specific to Platform, Device, Browser and Language.

This will help you learn more about your audience and how they are reaching your content!

F) Top URLs

The last section is your Top URLs table which is located at the bottom of the page (under Regional Stats and Insights).

This table shows the URLs with the most engagement.

You can learn more about your top URLs by clicking on Actions and Stats.


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