How to add a Tracking code/ Retargeting pixel

Retargeting / Remarketing is a smart way to continue following your visitors, and have them see your ads, even after they’ve left your website.

Adding a tracking code/ retargeting pixel is a feature that's only available with a Business account.

Get started by clicking on the 'URLS' tab on the top of the page.

After clicking on the 'URLS' tab, you'll reach your 'ALL URLS' table:

Click on the green Actions button in the Actions and click on 'Edit URL'.

This will take you to you 'URL Settings' page. As a Business user you now have access to the Tracking code / Retargeting pixel. Copy your retargeting pixel in the space provided (don't forget to click on 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the page):

After clicking on Save Changes, continue by clicking Tracking above:

Clicking Tracking will take you to the UTM Setup page. This page allows you to use additional tracking codes: UTM Builder and Conversion Pixel.

The UTM codes are simple codes that you can attach to a custom URL in order to share information with Google Analytics.

Don't forget the Save Changes!


The Conversion Tracking Pixel on the bottom half of the page allows you to measure the success of your campaigns. For instance, you can see if people signed up for something through your newsletter or a discount, etc.

Now you can understand your traffic and audience even better. These tools will help you optimize your campaigns!



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