How to Configure the Interstitials

The Expert account offers the ability to set up full-page interstitial ads, the main element in our Monetization model. 

You can customize the interstitial ads, create a default template for each domain, customize the top bar, decide upon the duration of the ads countdown and modify the appearance.

Each domain has it's own interstitial. Under Accounts (on the top bar of the dashboard) you can access 'Domains'.

You have two branded domains available to use: public and your private branded domain. On this page you can set up an interstitial template for each one and choose the default.

Choose your private branded domain and click on 'Edit Interstitial'. (If haven't added a branded domain go to the 'Using Short Branded URLs' tutorial in the 'Show me how' button to learn how).

This is where you can create an interstitial template for your domain. There are many ways to customize it so that you can deliver your messages in the most effective way.

You can set the Redirection Type to either 'Monetize (with interstitial ads)' or 'Direct (no ads)'. If you choose 'Direct' the rest of the options are eliminated as you chose not to run ads. If you do want ads, please verify that you've chosen 'Monetize'.

The next step is setting up the 'Auto Skip Interstitial' and 'Countdown Duration'. The 'Auto Skip Interstitial' determines the amount of time the ad will appear before the visitors move on the to the destination URL. Choose 'Yes' and set up the amount of seconds the ad will appear. If you choose 'No', visitors will have to click on 'Skip Advertisement' before they reach the destination URL.


Next you will set the 'Countdown Duration'. This limits the ability to automatically skip the interstitial.

The next step is setting up the Top Bar which contains 3 elements: Logo, HTML Ad and a skip ad text/button. You can place your logo there by uploading a 468x60 banner. You can also modify the default 'Skip Advertisement' text with any text you like.

The color scheme can also be changed!

Don't forget to Save Changes and you're done!

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