Using Clkim to Improve Click Through Rates

We've conducted a series of tests that provided us with the finding that using your own branded domain when sharing your links will increase your links CTR by 35% or more.

When you think about it from a user's point of view - the reason for this increase is rather simple.

  1. A short unbranded link such as provides people with zero ability to understand who owns this link and where the link will take them. Furthermore - many people simply don't trust generic short links since these types of links have been used over and over again to distribute viruses, malware, conduct phishing and other malicious activities.
  2. A branded marketing link such as provides people with a better understanding of what they can expect to see once they reach the destination. Furthermore - using your own branded domain reinforces trust and provides people with a sense of security - after all why would the brand I love and appreciate send me to a destination that could be malicious?


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