Facebook Page Monetization: Using Clkim to Monetize Facebook Pages & Groups

How to Monetize a Facebook Page has been an enigma for many years.

Facebook actively limits your ability to monetize your facebook pages and groups. It restricts your ability to sell or promote content via their platform.

Facebook page admins that have tried  to make money through affiliate links, sending people to take quizzes and surveys, selling merchandise such as ebooks, videos, t-shirts and coffee mugs have all reported that doing so directly on facebook doesn't get very high traction from their users.

Their best bet so far has been to develop a website on which they run ads, affiliate offers, sell merchandise etc. After their website is created they then share content and drive traffic from facebook to their website.

Using Clkim facebook page admins can now monetize the links they share with their own full page interstitial ads. Many of our users have reported that they are now able to actually make money from their audiences since they can monetize the click path to any piece of content.

This means you can take any URL (youtube, article, pdf etc). Rebrand the URL to provide users a reason to click on your link and monetize the click with a full page ad you control.

The majority of our users take advantage of this opportunity to collect leads and build their own following. The overall feedback we are getting is that using this method generally doubles your conversion rates!

Other people are using this interstitial ad spot to display a video, expose the end user to more content, and promote affiliate offers.

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