Using Clkim To Promote GEO Sensitive Affiliate Offers

Many affiliate offers are only available in specific countries.

Typically what affiliate programs will do with traffic arriving from the wrong GEO is 1 of the following 2 options:

  1. Display a notice telling the user that "this offer is not available in their country"
  2. Redirect the traffic to another offer that is available but doesn't necessarily convert and or relate to the original offer.

Considerably - when you are sending an affiliate program your valuable performance based traffic - both options seem like a terrible idea. 

The first simply throws this traffic away. Gone - making your efforts worthless.

The second - while in theory is a good idea - practicality shows differently. Think about it - why would you want the affiliate program to decide for you what to do with your traffic?

In order to prevent this loss of traffic - Clkim offers you the ability to specify exactly where you want traffic to go on a country level.

This means that if you are promoting geo sensitive offers (typically regulated by governments) such as video content, gaming, gambling, or even mobile apps, with Clkim you can now specify where you want your "non compliant" traffic to go to.

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