Using Clkim Branded Links Within SMS (Mobile Text Messages)

SMS (mobile text messages) hold the highest open rate of all marketing channels.

With an astonishing 98% open rate & an average click through rate of 35% - this marketing channel can be one of your more lucrative avenues.

Like twitter - SMS messages are required to be intriguing, short & direct. Your ability to deliver a strong message is limited by characters and requires you to cut to the chase more often than not. 

Being able to accompany your message with a clear, crystalized call to action is key when you are focused on driving conversions. Sharing a long link is problematic and sharing a short, unbranded link - does not provide any context to the recipient, which might classify your text message as SPAM.

By using a branded short URL within your text message you are providing the recipient with context of who this link is by and what they should expect to see after they click it.

But the fun doesn't stop there!

Using smart redirects and retargeting pixels will allow you to squeeze even more performance out of your SMS ad. 

For example: using our smart redirects you can specify specific landing pages for users that click on these links on an iPhone vs. Android operated smartphone.

If you are sending traffic to landing pages you do not control (app stores / eCommerce sites) you can now fire the retargeting pixel on click and build segmented audiences of people that have engaged with your SMS ad.

Once you have these segmented retargeting lists you can setup programatic campaigns and improve your ad spend.

What might feel at first as a small optimization for your campaign - can end up affecting your bottom line dramatically!

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