Using Clkim Sharebox for Publishers (WordPress Plugin)

One of the slickest applications of short URL's is using them to promote your own content.

YouTube does this when you share a video.
They shorten the full video URL:
making it shorter and easier to share:

Those of you that look closely will notice that what comes after the domain is the YouTube video ID

Google's uses it own short URL service for their map service. When you want to share a map or location they will provide you with a short URL for that map:

LinkedIn and twitter also use their own URL shorteners enabling users to share their branded content.

A few benefits of having your own branded URLs for your content:

  1. The short URL's extend your brand beyond your website. Reminding people you exist and keeping you at their top if mind
  2. You are able to collect analytics and stats on your short URLs. Allowing your site visitors to share branded short links will show you where they are sharing your content, what links are more popular than others etc.

The Clkim Sharebox WordPress plugin enables any WordPress site to be like YouTube, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter. It enables the site owner to use a branded short URL social sharing plugin that will embed the Sharebox at the end of any post / page.

It will enable the site owner to collect stats and learn about new traffic sources - where people like to share their content.

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