Using Clkim To Mask UTM Paramaters

Running campaigns online can be a tricky thing.
Without proper tracking for your campaigns - it would be nearly impossible for you to learn anything meaningful from your efforts and optimize accordingly.

Using UTM (Urchin Traffic Monitor) parameters enables you to add clever macros to your traffic, store it within your analytics and then learn what traffic sources, keywords, age groups, genders, etc - work better with your offers.

The main problem most marketers face though is that adding these parameters for each link you create can be a real hassle. Another pain point is that sharing these long links looks ugly and alarms users from clicking on them.

Using Clkim you can setup an unlimited number of UTM's to automatically be added to any new link you generate on our platform. This means that all of the beautiful short links you create will automatically have your predefined UTM parameter so that you do not have to manually generate track-able links anymore!

Many users find this to be super effective for their online marketing campaigns. They use the links when they share content on social media (and then boost it). They use the links on display campaigns, native advertising, content marketing and more.

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