Exit Traffic Monetization: Using Clkim to Monetize Links That Lead to External Websites

Monetizing your exit traffic has never been easier.

Most people don't know this but Clkim actually started out as a solution to monetize website links with a full page interstitial ad. Clkim's unique technology enables any website owner to add 1 line of code that immediately turns all of the external links on their website into monetizable assets.

These external links will now be rerouted via short links that display users with a full page ad. Using the Clkim dashboard you can setup monetization for all of your links and override any specific link with a specific ad.

The ad serving feature provides you with ultra granularity in terms of targeting. You can setup specific monetizations based on GEO, device & time frame. You can rotate as many ads as you wish and a/b test your monetization in real time.

Unlike other ad servers - the monetization settings take effect immediately. There is no need to wait 3-4 hours for your campaigns to load. You can begin running your ads as soon as you load them!

Pro tip: The targeting of the ad serving solution is NOT limited to external links only. Using advance configuration you can setup the ad serving solution to work on any link on your website. To learn more about the ad serving solution - please contact us by emailing

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