Mobile Traffic Optimization: Using Clkim OS Redirects To Improve Mobile Conversions

The #1 challenge of running organic campaigns is not having control on who sees your messages.

When you advertise on a billboard, share content on social media, publish an article in a magazine, advertise on TV or on the radio - you have no idea who will be seeing and engaging with your ads. What technologies they will be using to follow through. Will it be a desktop, laptop, tablet, iphone, android based phone, land line etc.

Preparing your links ahead of time with smart contextual redirects allows you to route traffic based on the device they are using. This means that you can advertise 1 single link but reroute traffic to an optimized landing page according to where the user is coming from and the device they are using.

For example - if you are promoting a new mobile app and your goal is to drive new downloads / installs of your apps - you no longer have to share 2 links, one for ios and the other for android. Rather - you can share 1 link that leads all of the computer traffic to a designated landing page that talks about your new app but add a contextual mobile operating system trigger that takes mobile users directly to their respective app store.

In doing so - you have just reduced the funnel by 1 critical step. Mobile users that click on your links will get routed directly to your download page so that they can easily begin installing your app.

Another great use of the OS redirects is to provide users with mobile deep link experiences. This means you can route traffic directly into specific content within your apps and help your users reach the valuable information they were looking for!

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